Monday, December 23, 2013


W≜NDER LUST~ Christmas in New York

I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Where has the time gone!!?? This time last year, we were living in New York and allowing ourselves to be tourists in one of the most magical cities to be in on Christmas. We usually refused to go anywhere a tourist might go, but once a year, we join in to push our way through the masses of lost and overly excited families to nourish our inner child and to fill up with holiday cheer. If there is anything that can kill the Grinch inside of the most pessimistic person in the world,  it's Manhattan during the Christmas season.  This is the first year in 6 years that I have not been in NYC during the holidays and boy do I miss it! I am having a hard time getting into the spirit and hoping this blog post will help! 

If you have never experienced NY during Christmas, it's time to plan a trip with your kids and reconnect with that inner giggly child that has been wanting to escape for some now. ;) 


A Few Years back......

~Top NYC spots with kids during Christmas~

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Scooters and Rooftops

Today is our last day to take the scooter out on the roof of our Midtown high-rise building. It's our favorite place to go during the day to see amazing views, soak up the sun, and to have lots of space to run and have fun! Tomorrow we are moving into a house with a big yard and perfect trees for a hammock...maybe even a tree house. Call it the New Yorker inside of us, but we will miss our high-rise living and being part of a city community lifestyle. Nursing school leaves us in Atlanta for almost two years so we decided to finally make it more permanent and now here we are,all in boxes with only our beloved rooftop to play on today...  =-) 

What Jax Wore and Played/ Micro Mini Scooter, Micro Scooters. Low Rise Jeans, Zara Kids. Vans Classic Slip Ons , Vans Toddler Slip Ons. Beanie,scarf, and jacket,  H&M

Monday, December 9, 2013

//\\ Holiday Cards Part 2

A look back at our Holiday Cards

This Holiday card was shot with my iPhone one super chilly morning in Long Beach NY. I can't believe our dog and our son actually had fun during this photo session! I felt horrible at the time for making them do it but even the icy ocean wind couldn't keep this duo from having fun. We captured some awesome pics. Thank you handy iPhone 5 ! 

//\\ Outtakes

Stay tuned for this years amazing duo and what they have in store for the 2013 Holiday card! Boy are they up to no good! ;-) 

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//\\ Holiday Cards Part 1

A look back at our Holiday Cards

This Holiday card is when the Bulldog and Baby team of mischief started. They had finally made buddies and the tradition of them being on the front of our Holiday cards had started. We went with a vintage holiday theme this year and our photographer Little New York Photography captured us perfectly. 

//\\ Outtakes

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Monday, December 2, 2013

WANDERLUST AND KIDS~ Northern California


My mom recently moved to Northern California and I couldn't be happier for her. I am also a little happy for me because Northern Cali is a kid's paradise and there is no limit to the amount of exploring that can be done! We are currently in San Francisco and have been going on adventures up and down the coast for a week now. Fly into San Francisco with the kids, rent a car, and hop on Highway 1 and Highway 101 for a kid friendly journey through some of the greatest scenery the country has to offer.  We made it up to Southern Oregon and the landscape just keeps getting better and better. 

Highway 1 and 101 tips: Be careful!  Don't drive too fast around the winding curves and cliffs and try not to drive at night. Take time to pull over and properly take in the picturesque views.  Bring your camera!!

Pictures: Playing football at my mom/s new house. Pretty awesome back yard right??? 

Friday, November 22, 2013



Miami With Kids

 I just love this city so much! Most parents might not think to add a city known for it's partying lifestyle and scantily dressed residents to the top of their family vacation list; but I think it's perfect! Miami screams fun with it's lively beaches, Latin flair, neon shops, Cuban cuisine, and family friendly attractions.  You may not be bar hopping every night, but believe me... kids do belong in sunny, festive Miami. =)

We decided to road trip to Miami since we don't live that far away and we hate leaving our Wrangler behind for beach trips. If you fly to Miami, renting a car is a must if you want to explore all of the different areas.

We stayed in Coral Gables at the pet friendly Hyatt and asked for a balcony room overlooking the pool. It was gorgeous and perfect in every way. The staff at the Hyatt are wonderful and put in 110% to make our stay comfortable. They provided an adorable crib with plush bedding, toddler snacks, and even dog treats and toys for Brooklyn. I highly recommend this hotel in Coral Gables. I feel that Coral Gables is more kid friendly then other areas of Miami but you will have to give up the beach front hotel and drive to see the Ocean. The Hyatt is walkable to The Miracle Mile where you can find shopping and dining options to make any mommy happy! ;)
We decided to have a date night and yes it can be done without a babysitter! We spent all day exploring Miami and had enough fun to tire our son out. When we got back to the hotel, we ordered Jax a meatball pizza from Pomodoros Pizza and he loved it!! They deliver to the hotel and I'm not going to lie, I had a little slice too and it was delicious. ;) After Jax went to bed, the hubby set up our balcony with candles and Champagne for our romantic date and picked up dinner from "The World's Most Famous Cuban Restaurant"  I had the Chicken and Yellow Rice and the hubby had the Ropa Vieja. The food was out of this world and just thinking about it right now makes my mouth water. The balcony comes in handy if you need a little time alone with your significant other and at least one meal without the kiddos around.

We visited all beach locations in Miami and our favorite beaches are 
*North Beach- If you want a quiet and clean beach with pristine water and easy, cheap parking, then this is your beach. We would come here in the late afternoons and let Jax play with his beach toys and go for walks up and down the beach.
*Miami Beach- Start your day on the boardwalk and go for a bike ride, take the scooters out, or just enjoy a family stroll enjoying the tropical paradise around you. You will not find food or shopping on this boardwalk, but there are a few bathroom stops along the way. If you are looking for food, there are tons of options in Miami Beach for all budgets and tastes. We loved La Sandwicherie located near the beach entrance... we ordered our sandwiches and salads to go and ate them on the beach under our beach tent. I highly recommend renting a Beach Tent for the kids; they can seek shelter from the hot sun, take a nap with the ocean wind cooling them off, and what is not fun about having your own little fort on the beach? We rented ours from Boucher Brothers Beach Rentals. They have decent pricing and will set everything up for you. 
*Lummus Park on South Beach- A gorgeous clean park stretching the length of Ocean Drive. South Beach can be extremely crazy, crowed, and overwhelming for a family with children. Lummus Park allows some breathing room from the crowd and is a mecca of outdoor activities. Families can roller blade, bike, play sand volleyball, shoot some hoops, or just relax with the family dog and people watch. Just be aware of horrible parking and the occasional topless sun bather. 

We spent a lot of time in Coconut Grove and I can't get enough of the sidewalk al fresco dining trend of  this charming little bayside village. The sidewalks are lively with decorated patio furniture and trees covered in lights. There are several fine dining restaurants to chose from; each having their own outdoor decor style. We dined at LULU in the Grove on these super comfy couches and shared tapas. Tapas are perfect for a light family sharing meal and for getting to try several things on the menu. It's my favorite! If you are not into tapas or want something on the budget friendly side, we  enjoyed El Taquito a few nights before. We were blown away at how yummy food can be at such a reasonable price! With authentic, made to order "magical" tacos; you will not be disappointed! Dining Al Fresco is always a must when traveling. It makes the kiddos feel that they are part of the city's energy while they people watch and engage in the lively atmosphere. If this doesn't work, it may be time to hand over the ol' iPhone to keep them entertained so you can finish those last few bites. ;-)

On our last day in Miami, we drove to an amazing palm tree nursery with miles and miles of every species of palm you could imagine. It looked like a tropical forest and I was in heaven! After hours of exploring, I picked out my favorite palms for our patio by the pool. If you wish to bring a little piece of Miami home with you, please stop by The Richard Lyons Nursery, but be careful... you might just bring a few friends back with you. 

Meet Salsa... our new outdoor roommate from Miami who hitched a ride north.