Monday, July 29, 2013

Skinny Blueberry Cheesecake Popsicles

Skinny Blueberry Cheesecake Popsicles 

Summer is here in full effect and one of our favorite things to do during the day is to go to the pool. Nothing tastes better after playing in the sun then a cold creamy popsicle. I am going to be honest, lately we have been going to our local ice-cream place and eating unhealthy treats. Today I decided that even though it's ok every once in a while, I wanted to find something that is healthy and yummy for my son and I. Our favorite ice cream flavor is blueberry cheesecake so I came up with this healthy version in a popsicle form. It's only 93 calories per popsicle and super nutritious for the little ones. I used almond milk instead of milk and decided to omit sugar completely. No worries... your little one won't notice! It's yummy! 

Kid and Toddler approved!! =-D 

Skinny Blueberry Cheesecake Popsicles

Low fat Popsicle W/ Almond Milk
Prep Time- 10 mins Yield- 4 servings

4 popsicle molds ( I used Sunbeam popsicle mold from Target)
1 box of Jello Sugar Free Cheesecake instant pudding
1 cup of Almond Milk ( I use Silk PureAlmond Light- 40 calories)
1/4 cup Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt
1/2 cup fresh Blueberries
2 full sheets of low fat Graham crackers ( I use Honey Maid)


 Whisk the pudding mix and almond milk in a medium size bowl. Whisk until mixture is smooth and then add the greek yogurt and blueberries and stir. Take 1 graham cracker sheet and crumble into the mixture and stir. 
Spoon the mixture into the popsicle molds(you should have exactly enough for 4) Take the other graham cracker sheet and crumble it on top of each popsicle. Cover and freeze for 4 hours or more. To remove, place popsicle molds under hot water for 15 seconds.  


1 gFat
9 gCarbohydrate
1 gFiber
6.2 gSugar
7.2 gProtein
*Weight Watchers Points per serving

Friday, July 26, 2013

Gypsy Moms and Summer Bucket Lists

One of the reasons that I started this blog is to encourage families to be adventurous.  When I found out I was pregnant with my son Jax, most people warned me about saying goodbye to my free spirit lifestyle.  It isn't a huge secret that I have always lived like a gypsy, taking any opportunity to travel and embrace new experiences.  I resided in Tennessee through my college years, spent a summer in Yosemite National Park, lived in NYC for 6 years, survived Hurricane Sandy at an oceanfront beach house, and most recently relocated to Atlanta with my husband after encouraging him to take a chance with his own career while I focus on family and being a stay at home mom. We as a family plan to keep traveling and one day move again and experience new opportunities.  My son is my best friend and he has never suffered from my belief that it is okay to continue living your dreams and making yourself happy.  It may be too early to tell at the tender age of 2, but I feel that he is becoming a little explorer full of life and learning valuable lessons as we voyage together. 

So what does an adventurous family do in the summer!?  They start a Summer Bucket List and try as hard as they can to check everything off.  Now this list doesn't have to be full of expensive and extravagant travels.  I hope with this blog, I can help families go on vacations, enjoy their summers, and have fun with their kids without breaking the bank. 

Check out our Toddler approved Summer Bucket List and make your own!  Remember… it's never to late to have an awesome summer!!!

Take these last weeks of summer and get going!  =-D

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So please mamas,  Start strutting that stroller and showing off your mommy skills! Stayed tuned for my healthy recipes, workouts, date night ideas, and more adventures!