Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween costumes. This Year. That Year.

Our family loves being creative and making people laugh. What better holiday then Halloween to be over the top and fun!? Our son's first Halloween was a hit and everyone had a good laugh. Last year, hurricane Sandy completely drowned all Holiday spirit and our son didn't get to celebrate or wear his costumes. Luckily he was only 1 and we knew that this year would be way more exciting and fun for him. Enjoy some of our Halloween memories and feel free to get some ideas from us! Happy Happy Costume fun!!

Yes-- our son had two costumes this year ;-)

We couldn't leave out Brooklyn of course ..  =-)

 Such a wonderful successful Halloween!! Thank Goodness!!!!!! Enjoy your candy everyone! Eat up!

Costumes / 1 Lobster Cooking , 2 Deviled Egg, 3 Kenny Powers from Season Three- Myrtle Beach Mermen, 4 Mermaid, 5 Hulk Hogan, 6 Hooters Dog.
*Deviled Egg, Mermaid, and Hulk Hogan were all handmade =-) 


  1. I'm dying over here with the mini Hulk Hogan! How on earth did you make the bandanna/hair?

  2. You've really grown to make some wonderful costumes every time. I even saw the showcasing some fantastic costumes for Halloween. They're even on sale right now.