Thursday, October 3, 2013

Super Rad Fall Bucket List!! =-D

It is officially FALL and as shocking as it may seem... I am just not ready for it! Can you believe it?? I am a summer gal all the way and as much of a struggle as it is to say goodbye to those hot summer days by the pool, it's even harder for me to break out that warm winter jacket. This year's transition has proven to be the hardest yet since we moved our little family from NYC to HOTlanta. It is still pool weather here and I don't know if we will ever actually get the fall temperatures we're used to.  It is TIME for this mama and her super-active toddler to fight the urge to skip fall all together and jump into the holiday spirit! I may be enjoying Fall in a bikini, but I WILL enjoy fall! 

So how does a beach weather lovin' mermaid mama enjoy fall and put her summer decor away? She makes an awesome, exciting, fun-filled fall Bucket list for her family! I took several days to design a fall bucket list full of activities that my family would actually enjoy and I tried to stay true to what makes us tick. The design was completely inspired by my son and his favorite trucker hat. I am so happy with the final design and I hope you all love it as much as we do! =-D

Our family bucket-list ...

I even included a free printable for all you super rad mamas, families, and "ready to embrace fall" peeps out there. Print, print, print, fill out, and check off as much fun as you can!! I would love to see what everyone comes up with!  

For the Free printable Family List go here ---> Super Rad Free Printable

For the blank printable click here ----> Super rad free printable-2


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