Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Walking Dead DIY Adventure in Georgia with Map, Tips, and Pics!

What could be better on a warm, beautiful fall day then crossing things off of your FALL BUCKET-LIST and getting into the Halloween spirit with family and friends? As much as we miss NYC, we have come to realize that Atlanta is HUGE on filming great movies and TV shows. One of our favorite shows as a couple is The Walking Dead on AMC.  We thought a great way to explore our new state was to hop in our Wrangler and go exploring to find as many film locations as we could. We had some help from an app on my husband's Android phone called GA Dead Tours (sadly, this app is not available on the iPhone) and some research online.  After spending the day exploring some great little towns and even getting chased out of some for being on private property, we decided to create a google map with some tips so that other fans can go out with their families for some Halloween fun. 
Check out my Walking Dead Adventure Map ! Click on the link and Enjoy! 
You may be wondering how parents could pick such a gruesome and scary show for their toddler to be involved in? While we haven't ever let him watch the show, we still thought he would enjoy the scenic drives through Georgia's countryside and the historic charm of the small towns where filming took place. 

Our First stop was Episode 1 from Season 1 when Rick enters into Atlanta. The Atlanta skyline was stunning and just getting a picture of it is worth the drive alone.

Season 1- Episode 1

Next we left Atlanta and skipped to Season 3 and went on an adventure to find the fictitious town of Woodbury ran by The Governor.

Woodbury is actually the downtown area of Senoia, Georgia. Once you arrive, it's like stepping into the show and you completely forget where you really are. 

Senoia is very enthusiastic about the show being filmed in their town. Be careful, you may run into a Zombie or two!   ;) 

(No children were eaten in the making of this adventure)

After walking around downtown Senoia, visting The Woodbury Shoppe (which is full of Walking Dead merchandise and ocassionally hosts cast appearances), and grabbing a sandwich and coffee at
 Senoia Coffee and Cafe, we took off for our next destination.

The Prison- This is actually the location of Raleigh Studios and the Prison is on a closed set that you cannot access. The closest you will get is outside the fence. There were several scenes filmed near the fence .. so it's still a cool spot to visit.

Up the road is the Southern Country Steak House that is called Big Jake's in Season 3 / Episode 15.  Stop in for a nice cold beer and hot wings to fuel up for the rest of your drive. 

From there we travelled down the road to Haralson, GA where you'll find quite a bit of action on Line Creek Road. You may run into some trouble if you show up after 4 PM when locals start doing paid tours. We didn't see the sign for the tours until after we were ran off by an angry tour guide claiming to own the private property. We were lucky to get to hang out and take some awesome shots of the attractions before anyone showed up. ;)

Ricks meets the Govenor- Season 3/ Episode 13

Case General Store

The Feed Mill

We got back on the road for the half-hour drive to Grantville, GA where we saw filming locations from Season 3 /Episode 12.

The King County Cafe

Morgan's Hideout

Weapon Run - King County Medical Office

This little town is super cute, so stay for a while and visit their Zombie stores for the show, if you didn't eat before there are a few nice restaurants and food spots here too.

Our last Stop is Newnan, GA where they filmed several episodes from Season 3 in the Woodbury Arena, where the Governor held Zombie fights to entertain the residents of Woodbury.

Tonight is the Season 4 premiere on AMC and we're very excited after taking our tour.  I hope you get a chance to come down to Georgia and check out these spots as well.  If there's anything we missed, please let us know and maybe we'll go back out for Round 2!


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