Monday, December 2, 2013

WANDERLUST AND KIDS~ Northern California


My mom recently moved to Northern California and I couldn't be happier for her. I am also a little happy for me because Northern Cali is a kid's paradise and there is no limit to the amount of exploring that can be done! We are currently in San Francisco and have been going on adventures up and down the coast for a week now. Fly into San Francisco with the kids, rent a car, and hop on Highway 1 and Highway 101 for a kid friendly journey through some of the greatest scenery the country has to offer.  We made it up to Southern Oregon and the landscape just keeps getting better and better. 

Highway 1 and 101 tips: Be careful!  Don't drive too fast around the winding curves and cliffs and try not to drive at night. Take time to pull over and properly take in the picturesque views.  Bring your camera!!

Pictures: Playing football at my mom/s new house. Pretty awesome back yard right??? 

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