Thursday, December 12, 2013

Scooters and Rooftops

Today is our last day to take the scooter out on the roof of our Midtown high-rise building. It's our favorite place to go during the day to see amazing views, soak up the sun, and to have lots of space to run and have fun! Tomorrow we are moving into a house with a big yard and perfect trees for a hammock...maybe even a tree house. Call it the New Yorker inside of us, but we will miss our high-rise living and being part of a city community lifestyle. Nursing school leaves us in Atlanta for almost two years so we decided to finally make it more permanent and now here we are,all in boxes with only our beloved rooftop to play on today...  =-) 

What Jax Wore and Played/ Micro Mini Scooter, Micro Scooters. Low Rise Jeans, Zara Kids. Vans Classic Slip Ons , Vans Toddler Slip Ons. Beanie,scarf, and jacket,  H&M

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  1. Hey pretty lady!! Love the scooter! We are getting out youngest one for Christmas to join her older sisters in on the fun!
    PS> would love for you to join the Friday Hop thats going on for a few days!!