Monday, February 24, 2014

What makes a HappY Monday!?

Yesterday the weather was GORGEOUS and in the 70s... Sunday perfection! Today we are working hard and getting caught up with life, school, homework, and weekly chores.  We are fighting the Monday blues with beautiful memories of our family Sunday. I have always believed that if you make a point to have a fabulous weekend, you will start your Monday off with a HUGE smile and the rest of your week will follow accordingly. 

A h≜ppY Sunday~ 

We have this super cute little lake behind our house and we actually didn't know it was there when we first moved in. We found a path outside of our gate and one day decided to stroll down it and there it was ..... AWESOME! We are water lovers and we knew we wanted a house with a pool, but this was a huge added bonus and such a sweet surprise. We can't wait to throw a kayak or canoe out in it this summer and spend days floating around. =-) Last Sunday, we rode our beach cruisers down the path bringing along blankets, music, and lots of snacks. It really was a perfect family day~~

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Sprinkles for you! (Free Printable//Recipe))



 If you are in Atlanta and are looking for some of the best doughnuts ever... you have to stop by Dough in the Box !! 
The owner made Jax a special "VIP" doughnut made fresh right there in front of us and he was treated like a little prince. The shop has so much old school charm and is the cutest thing you have ever seen! It gave me the great idea of my free printable=-)

Sweet T≜rt My Heart Martini~ 

We hope you have a happy happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

DIY Last Minute Valentine Cards➳


△We all know what it's like to get super busy and then realize a holiday it just around the corner. I am usually really good at keeping up with holidays and being prepared because I know family and friends enjoy getting updates from our little family. This year...not so much. I realized yesterday how soon Valentine's Day is and I didn't do my cards! I set up a quick photo shoot space, started cutting out hearts and made a few graphics to print out, promised the family I would cook their favorite dinner, got the treats out for the dog, set up the tripod for the camera, and click click click....

△The Cards

These are the few cards that we made ..
Now to the HOW and WHERE to make your cards???

For these I used the awesome online designer PIC MONKEY .  They have a free and a pay for version. The free version has tons and tons of stuff you can do to make cards. 


1.) Sign up for an account
2) Hit make a collage 
3)upload a background or picture to start with or you can use photos that Picmonkey already has for you.
4)click onto layouts 
5)click cards
6) choose the size of the card that you want to make
7)Pick a collage
8)click onto images .. (the icon above the layouts icon) and start adding your pics from your computer or Facebook
9)Once you have your collage click edit to add text//designs//and all sorts of fun things!
10) Always save your work!! 
11) Print out your cards yourself or take them to a local print store

XOXO!  I would love to see your last minute cards!!!!  Send them to my email  or upload them on instagram and hashtag #LMVcard


Wednesday, February 5, 2014


W≜NDER LUST~ San Francisco


Billy Goat Hill    

△Super cool rope swings△Killer views△Older kids△Great spot for photographers △Playgrounds near by△For the adventurous family△Grown ups get to be kids again.
For a map click here---> Get to Billy Goat Hill

Golden Gate Recreation area at Battery East Road

△Breathtaking views△lots of space to play △Free parking△Paths for hiking△Perfect place for a picnic△People always playing music△A hidden gem.
For a map click here---> Get to Battery East Road

The Full House... House

△If you grew up watching this show ... there is no need for an explanation△WARNING- brings back super sentimental memories .. that your kids will not get and may be bored eye rollers ;).
For a map click here---> FULL HOUSE HOUSE

△Vintage△Food so good△Kid friendly△Cheap eats△Huge subs△Must try the Reuben with the special hot sauce or the Italian special△Owners are awesome authentic Italian super coolness.
For a map click here---> The Yellow Submarine

A few other of our favorite spots..  (click on the names for more info)

If you loved this post and want to know more cool spots in San Fran ... Click on San Francisco Part 1 below

San Francisco with Kids Part 1