Monday, February 24, 2014

What makes a HappY Monday!?

Yesterday the weather was GORGEOUS and in the 70s... Sunday perfection! Today we are working hard and getting caught up with life, school, homework, and weekly chores.  We are fighting the Monday blues with beautiful memories of our family Sunday. I have always believed that if you make a point to have a fabulous weekend, you will start your Monday off with a HUGE smile and the rest of your week will follow accordingly. 

A h≜ppY Sunday~ 

We have this super cute little lake behind our house and we actually didn't know it was there when we first moved in. We found a path outside of our gate and one day decided to stroll down it and there it was ..... AWESOME! We are water lovers and we knew we wanted a house with a pool, but this was a huge added bonus and such a sweet surprise. We can't wait to throw a kayak or canoe out in it this summer and spend days floating around. =-) Last Sunday, we rode our beach cruisers down the path bringing along blankets, music, and lots of snacks. It really was a perfect family day~~

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