Thursday, March 27, 2014


Building a Farmers' Market in your home is so fun and even though you are playing with pretend food, you will be connecting and teaching your children about REAL FOOD. When you are a busy parent the easiest thing to do is run to your local grocery store to pick up dinner. The last thing you are thinking about is your fruit covered in pesticides and all of the processed food you just put in your cart. Let's face it... most of us are not going to eat healthy every single day. Still, we do the best that we can as parents. There's no need to get too down on yourself when you let the kiddos have the occasional Happy Meal or a small bowl of Cheetos, but teaching them good eating habits will give them a healthy balance. Keeping the treats in moderation and educating about what's healthy and what's not can help you avoid obesity and health problems that stem from a bad diet.

△The families that farm for a living need our support! Teach children to support their community.
△Kids can help make a difference and be an important part of their town or city.
△It takes the kids away from their electronics and tv.
△It's family time! Every kid needs time doing activities together as a family.
△Learn new words like eggplant and avocado! Perfect setting for gaining new language skills. 

SKYLTA Children's Market Stand Lettuce Turnip the Beet Track Shirt
DUKTIG 14-Piece Vegetables Set BOBO CHOSES Organic Worm Rug
Child's Bolga Baskets                   Wooden Milk Container & Egg Set

Print out and fill out your own Market Sign!!

After lots of fun playing in your market at home, make sure you take it outside and go support your local Farmers' Markets!! Here is a link to find markets in your area --->


Thursday, March 20, 2014

WanderLust with Kids ----> Los Angeles Part1


We love this place!!!! The best part... if you eat at the cafe you get free access to the private beach! Crazy, right?? Not only is the food wonderful and fairly priced but after you are full and happy, you get an all day pass to lounge on a beautiful quiet beach with lounge chairs, tables, and free towels! My all time favorite spot in LA for the kiddos.

Hiking at Sunset Ranch to the Hollywood Sign➳

I would love to try horseback riding at the Sunset Ranch but this time we decided to use their trail for hiking instead. It's a beautiful hike with killer views of the Hollywood sign. It may be a little hard to find, but that just makes it even more exciting when you get there... look at the map for the marker. As you are driving you will see the first Sunset Ranch rental sign and then keep driving until you come to the Hollyridge Trail sign. Park on the right side of the road and head up the trail from the parking lot. The trail is completely open and we were hiking in flip-flops... we started frying within 5 minutes. It was hot!!! 
*TIP*-  Wear good shoes for hiking and a hat, bring lots of sunscreen and water for the kiddos


AHHH there is nothing quite like the boardwalk in Venice beach!  YES, I feel it is perfect and perfectly safe for children. You have to be cautious anywhere you go and as much as people ask is it really that great of a fit for kids... we think it is! You'll find tons of healthy food options, great people watching, cool clothes shopping, and for us... some amazing friends that live there. =-) We are the type of parents that want our kids to be exposed to the many walks of life and we just LOVE this part of LA.  Our friend Emily lives there and we have a special place in our heart for her because she is the one that hooked Dan and I up.  She is also the first person that we told about Jax being on the way. We love her so much and as long as she stays in Venice Beach... you can bet we'll be passing through on every visit to LA. 



We have stayed at this hotel a few times but it's mostly because we LOVE the pool there. It's private, clean, beautiful, quiet, and serves food and drinks all day and all night. There is a little window right beside of the pool for ordering food and drinks and they have anything you want! It's a great environment for hanging out and relaxing with the family after a long day of exploring...


Friday, March 14, 2014


Tips on How to Rescue Retro ~

Antique Shopping Guide..


I use to think that antiquing was boring when I was a little girl... I have many memories of being dragged around by family members to antique stores. I didn't realize that the many trips would help me one day in the future when I become a little vintage obsessed. It started with my wedding that I decorated myself and created a vintage New York theme... I can't even tell you all the marvelous stuff I found for my special day in dusty antique stores.  I recently became smitten with the rattan peacock chair and it become a must for my home. I knew I wanted a real original chair but had no clue where to look for one.  My patience wore thin and I found one online... a duplicate for $800!! It's not really vintage and $800?  No thanks, man!  So I kept searching... another online for $380.  I almost settled for this chair until I decided to put my antiquing shoes on and dragged my family along for a weekend of Retro Rescue adventure.

Tip 1  Have Something in Mind
Making a list of things you want to find will keep you from coming home with a whole bunch of stuff you don't really need and will prevent you from having a future as a hoarder. YIKES! It's easy to go to these stores and just grab anything and everything that looks cool.  The older I get, I realize that less is more in a home and quality over quantity is important when decorating. If you want your vintage pieces to stand out... don't overcrowd your home with them and stick to the things that really get you excited.

EXAMPLE: I was all in it for the Peacock chair baby!! 

Tip 2  Do your Research
Research and read reviews on antique shops or dealers in your area. As much fun as jumping in the car and driving without a plan may sound... it will leave you frustrated and exhausted (especially if you are bringing along the family). Find places that are known for carrying the items you are looking for and if it doesn't take the spontaneity out of it too much, call ahead and see if places sell items in your category. 

EXAMPLE: I called several places and found three close by and several miles away that sold several rattan pieces.  With that I knew I had a lead!=-)

Tip 3  Map out a fun filled day
Let's face it, not everyone in your family is going to be excited to go look for stuff from an era that didn't have iPads and football on a flat screen... this is YOUR hobby and if you want the family to tag along you have to make it FUN! When you pick out your top places for shopping, research cool and new things around them. Any yummy ice cream shops along the way? What about a cool restaurant you saw on The Food Network?  Oh wow, that skatepark your son has been raving about just happens to be a few miles away from your second antique shop! ;) Include things that your kids like to do too and with any luck you will have them excitingly hoping in the car with you. If all else fails .. bribe them with their favorite TV shows and choice of dinner for when you get back ;)


Tip 4  Don't forget to Bring Your Inspiration
Finding that item that you have been dieing for can take some special shopping goggles. It's not easy to find specific things when antique stores can be over crowded with items and people.  Make an inspiration board with pics of what you are looking for and how you want to place them in your home. What makes this item so special?? Another option is to Start a Pinterest board and bring it along with you on your phone. Have something to show to the dealer and maybe they can find it for you. 

Example: Here is my inspiration board ..

Tip 5  Bring Cash and Put Your Bargaining Face On
Today most people don't have cash on them and there have been many times that I have found something awesome and the person next to me agreed. Oh no... I don't have cash! Where is your closest ATM?  As you are driving trying to find an ATM, the other person with cash is buying that item that lit up your face like the sun. This has happened to me... DON'T let it happen to you! You brought your cash and now it's time to bargain. Never pay the tag price! Any seller is going to try to get the most money out of item but you did your research and know what the item is worth.  Put your confident game face on and start negotiating. Hand them the cash and offer what you are willing to pay. Usually both parties can come to a mutual number.

EXAMPLE:  My beloved peacock chair was tagged at $120 and I talked it down to $80! I knew the chair was worth way more than the asking price but I didn't want to spend more then $100. 

Yaaaaay We found what we were looking for and got an awesome deal! Time to take this baby home!=)

Tip 6  Get The History on Your Item
If you are lucky the seller of the antique may know a little history behind what is in their store. There is nothing more rad then knowing who owned your buy and how it was used. Ask about the owner? Why did they sell it? What era is it from? Anything that will add to the value will make it even more special having it in your home.

EXAMPLE: My chair was from the 1970s and originally owned by a little club owner in Midtown Atlanta. The guy who sold it to the dealer was related and gave a whole spill on how people use to sit in it to take their picture in between dancing and drinking. I am determined to find out exactly what club this is=)
An Atlanta Midtown Club in 1973

Atlanta has some serious  hippie action going on in 70s.  I imagine the previous owner to look something like this.. HEY.. it's MY vision ;-)

Tip 7 ➳ Enjoy Your Item
Now that you have your item home sweet home .. it's time to display it proudly! 

EXAMPLE: Just knowing that people posed in my chair over and over and thinking about all the crazy folk that probably sat there... well ya know... I had to join in the fun too ;)  With a little help from Brooklyn, our little model of a Bulldog, we snapped a few pics of our own. 

I paired my new rescued piece with a Fiddle Leaf tree, Moroccan pouf, sheep skin rug, and English Bulldog ;-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Skinny Paradise Pizza

Skinny P≜radise Pizza~ 

Our family LOVES the pizza .... I mean who doesn't!? My favorite pizza is the Hawaiian and I could probably eat it every single day! Bikini season is just around the corner and this healthy version will keep you on track. After days and days of avoiding and dreaming of my favorite food, I decided to make a healthy version without the guilt of a high calorie meal. I took out the bad and added some extra goodies to make it a Paradise Pizza.  The hubby and the toddler thought it was super yummy and I hope you do too!==)  With only 109 calories per slice .., it completely beats the 304 calories in a regular Hawaiian slice. 

Pour about 1/4 cup of cause onto crust ..  (re calculate calories based on how much sauce you decide to use)

Add 1/4 cup of nonfat shredded cheese ( We used nonfat Pizza flavor from Publix)
Add 14 Turkey Pepperoni Slices

Add Pineapple tidbits (Trader Joes frozen tidbits)
Add Spinach (Whole Foods frozen spinach-- defrost first)

*Feel free to add more cheese on top and then adjust calorie intake

Serve with a healthy Italian Salad and ENJOY!!