Wednesday, May 28, 2014


When first moving it can be difficult to make new friends and even harder to break the ice with your new neighbors.  We have all heard the horror stories (I have a few) of dealing with a nightmare next door... YIKES!  We recently moved into the cutest neighborhood ever and -Da Daaaa-... WE LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS!  As we began to unpack after moving into our new home, they knocked on our door to welcome us with a delicious box of doughnuts from Dough in the Box... and they were amazing!  A few weeks later I happened to mention that we were looking for a guy to help with yard work and our friendly next-door neighbor took the time to send me an email of every name and number of anyone I might need... from babysitters, home repair, doctors, you name it!  Can you say awesome!!??  They have an adorable son and we were invited to his fourth birthday party last Saturday.  This party was to die for... truly a kid's paradise! They even had a petting zoo and snow cone truck!! .. 
Check it out! 

May you all be blessed with amazing neighbors! 

Thanks you Edward, Kelly, and Rory for inviting us to such a fun party and for being awesome neighbors!!

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  1. This is so awesome. Glad to hear your new neighborhood is treating you so well. That's always a great sign.

    --Me And My Mini Me