Monday, June 2, 2014

Skinny Buffalo Chicken Baked Potato

I love chicken wings and it's one of my favorite cheat meals! When I am eating clean and healthy, I wanted to find a way to battle the craving... these potatoes are so easy and SO delicious! With only 270 calories a potato, you will love this recipe! ENJOY! 

Cook one chicken breast and toss is Frank's Hot Sauce --(Frank's is gluten free and low calorie)
Pour Bleu Cheese Dressing inside of the potato first and then add the chicken and garnish with celery and Chives
Delicious and only 270 calories!

Skinny Buffalo Chicken Potato

Prep Time- 10 mins Yield- 1 serving

1- small to medium size baked potato
Frank's hot sauce (to your liking- I used 3 tablespoons)
2-tablespoons of Walden farms calorie free Bleu Cheese Dressing
1- chicken breast - grilled and cut into small pieces
Celery -- shredded thin for garnish
Chives- for garnish


 Cooked baked potato your way. Grill chicken breast and cut into bite size pieces. Toss chicken with hot sauce. Pour bleu cheese dressing into potato first then layer with chicken. Garnish with celery and chives. 


5 gFat
10 gCarbohydrate
1 gSugar
16.4 gProtein

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