Monday, August 18, 2014

10 day Master Cleanse Video Diary- Night Before ( PCOS Help) )

I never expected to be making videos for my blog, but when I started thinking about the best way to share my experiences doing the Master Cleanse I couldn't think of a better way to demonstrate it than by going through it day-by-day with you.  I assure you it is not an easy thing to get through, but while it's easy to get information on the results I feel that a daily update talking about the challenges one faces throughout the process and the health benefits that are felt can only truly be documented with a daily account of the good, the bad, and the ugly of the cleanse.

Be warned!  This will be an honest, raw account of my experience going through a ten day process to rid my body of toxins.  What you are going to get is 100% Rachelle!  My excitement, my frustrations, my humor (which isn't for everyone), and my cravings because some days I might just want a damn cheeseburger.

This video is for Day Zero… the night before the cleanse starts.  I'll be explaining why I'm doing it and how to get started.  Don't forget to print out the grocery list below so you get everything you need.

This cleanse DOES work and I am here to get through it with you.  Please feel free to join in at any time and be part of the conversation.  We can get through this together!  Here goes nothing!

Check out my Youtube page ..

Below is the grocery store list that you will need to start this cleanse.  Print and take it with you!

The night before the cleanse .. remember to drink your herbal laxative tea before bed.  

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  1. Loved your video and how real you are!! I may just have to try this cleanse! :)