Thursday, September 11, 2014

Empire State of Mind

How can you not think about NYC today .. especially if you live there or are from there? Most of you know my husband and his family are from NYC; my son was also born right on 53rd street in Manhattan. Even though we have moved to Atlanta, we don't want our son to forget where he can from and how important this city is to us and to everyone who experienced 911.  Our last visit to New York was amazing. We made enough time to have yummy Italian dinners with family, crazy bar nights with friends, hotdogs in Central Park, and we even visited the very hospital that Jax was born in. It was such a special trip and I hope you enjoy the pics!  Tomorrow we will list our all time favorite NYC spots on the blog. Stay tuned!!! You will want to check these out.
  It is true what they say… THERE IS NO CITY LIKE NEW YORK CITY

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