Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A look back at 2015. =-)

It's been an amazing year for our little family! =-) Even with the horrible loss of my sweet granny... we have been incredibly blessed.  Sometimes I think God gave me my daughter to help me get through losing her and I know she is looking down and watching after us.  Life is never perfect but if you capture and focus on the beautiful moments you will realize just how perfect it actually is.

We hope you enjoy our beautiful and perfect moments of 2015. We cannot wait to see what 2016 brings us! Yippppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


After receiving so many personal messages this year from Strut Your Stroller readers who've missed the blog, I realized that I missed it too.  SYS will officially be returning in 2016!  I'm so excited, I just can't hide it... I expect this site to be SUPER active again starting in January. The stroller company interested in using the name and web address never got things moving along and it made me realize that what is meant to be... will be. =-) It was a huge sign for me. 

 While my other blog, Boho Brooklyn, was starting to pick up steam, I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was lacking.  In the end, I think it sort of lost the whole "proud to be a mommy" thing.  Brands that I had partnered with in the past few years stood by me but I could feel their enthusiasm fading along with my own.  I was determined to stick with the new blog for at least a year to see where it would take me.  I have always had trouble staying the course and seeing things through so I viewed it as a challenge to myself.  After reading your comments and listening to my own conscience I realized it was time to shift gears and return to the old blog.  There's still some work to be done and it won't be easy... but nothing great ever is.
I will move a few posts over and all will be great in the world again! 
My granny always told me, "If something is good, don't mess with it."  Lesson learned!  You were right, Granny! 
 Everyone have a wonderful Christmas and I can't wait to see you in 2016!!!

Stay tuned for our year in review video !! =-D


 I have been to Mexico several times but this time was super special because it was my 3 year old son's first time out of the country and I was also 20 weeks pregnant with my baby girl.  It was one of those "are you sure we should take the kid on this trip" situations and turned out to be the best decision we could've made.  Before this trip our memories of Mexico were of scorching hot days floating around the cool pools with coconuts full of rum in hand... and not a child to be found for miles around.  We were nervous that a family friendly resort would not be as relaxing as our adult-only experiences in the past... but it was AMAZING!  Between the hot Caribbean sun, the kiddy pool slides (no comment on whether my husband partook), the smoothie bar with tropical drinks for the kids, and the clubhouse to drop off your little ones for some alone time... there were so many ways to relax and tire out our boy before dinner, which makes for one easy vacation.  For all the parents who have asked me... YES, MUCH OF MEXICO IS SAFE FOR KIDS... especially on the Yucatan Peninsula.  Not only is it safe but they are welcomed with open arms and treated like little kings and queens.  

We went to Playa Mujeres this time and stayed at The Beloved Hotel. Hotel grounds were breathtaking!  Our room was huge and stylish, outfitted with relaxing daybeds on the patio.  We enjoyed top-notch service and an array of lovely all inclusive restaurants to choose from for dining.  We spent a lot of time just lounging on the balcony beds and ordering all-inclusive room service... pausing frequently to take it all in.  It was a much needed break from the harsh NYC winter.  Trust me... you will LOVE this boutique hotel in Playa Mujeres. 

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In high school I was always told by teachers and friends that I should have been born in the 1970s. With Fleetwood Mac blasted out the windows of my red Jeep I would drive to school wearing long, flowing skirts and flower headbands. Later in college I went on to win many karaoke contests as Stevie Nicks to pay my rent on several occasions. I always felt that I was an old soul living in the wrong era; seeing Stevie perform up close Sunday night brought all those emotions back. I sang, I cried, and left in pure bliss at the end of the night, crossing the classic Fleetwood Mac lineup off my concert bucket list. The hubby, who is more into hard rock and metal but embraces my inner hippie, stood by my side and several times caught my eye as he thoroughly enjoyed every song. It filled my heart and made me love him even more... if that's even possible. What a glorious night. Thank you hubby for the best date night I could ever imagine.