Friday, January 22, 2016

Marfa Texas


As any regular Strut Your Stroller reader has probably figured out by now, we are not exactly the Disney World vacation type of family.  It's not that we would never take a tour through the Magic Kingdom, but we thrive on finding more unique vacation destinations.  Our latest choice may have been a little "out there," but we had a ton of fun and I would LOVE to do it all over again. 
Just 60 miles north of the Mexican border is a small but strange little Texas town known as Marfa.  

Getting there is a bit of a challenge in itself, but if you tend to love the journey as much as the destination, the trip through to this desert oasis may be as eye opening as the town itself.  We chose to fly into Austin and do the 6 hour drive (8 if you have kids!).  There are closer airports but we wanted to enjoy Austin as well.  BONUS!  The drive is long but quite an adventure as it treks through the barren desert and nearly deserted towns.  The fastest route is on the expressway, but I'd recommend taking different routes as you enter and exit Marfa from I-10 to take in some different sights.

Once you get to Marfa, there are several cute places you MUST check out. 

1) DO YOUR THING COFFEE - Perfectly crafted cappuccinos and lattes, amazing homemade porridge bowls, and super friendly owners! 

201 E Dallas St
Marfa, TX 79843
Phone number (432) 701-0501 


2) MARFA BURRITO - BEST burritos in the world.  We lived on these for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  Sluuuuuurp!  This is about as authentic as you can get north of the border.  I still dream about them.  Even Matthew McConaughey approves!
S Highland Ave
Marfa, TX 79843  

3) Boyz2Men Taco Trailer - Expensive tacos and an owner who some have labeled a "jackass with too much sass," not to mention the nonstop blaring of Boyz II Men tunes... but this family appreciates that kind of comedy.  Maybe it's the New Yorker in us but there is something comforting about jerky hipster service ;-)
220 W. San Antonio St HWY 90
Marfa, TX 79843
Phone number (432) 295-3494 

4) BUNS N' ROSES- I mean, for one thing... the name, DUH!  This is a favorite breakfast spot with an awesome theme and interior designer.  Go for the breakfast burrito, omelets, and cheese grits. 

1613 W San Antonio St
Marfa, TX 79843
Phone number (432) 729-4282


5) El Cosmico - If you want to check out what "glamping" is all about, this is your spot!  The teepees are super rad and they also have trailers and airstreams if that is more your style.  This place has awesome employees and even more awesome people staying there.  Everyone we met was friendly and very nice to the kiddos. They have a great shop so you will have lots of souvenirs to bring back all the family and friends who think you are totally out of your mind!

802 S Highland Ave
Marfa, TX 79843
Phone number (432) 729-1950 


6) Marfa Prada - Finally, for the most bizarre thing of all, you can travel just outside of town (that's Texan for 35 miles) to the mind-boggling, non-functional Prada store.  This gives a new meaning to the old "fish out of water" expression.  This place is out in the middle of nowhere... like scarynowhere... the stuff those movies are made out of!  It's not an unsafe scary feeling, just scary in the sense that you've never felt so isolated before.  So don't let that stop you... it's totally worth the the trip to get a picture at this remote "shopping" destination.  Amazingly, the window display is full of bags and shoes inside that you can't believe are still sitting there... untouched in the middle of the desert.  Watch out for tumbleweeds!
Rt 90
Marfa, TX 79843  

Hopefully this inspires your family to add some crazy and "out there" vacation options  because life is short and why not!!!????   =-D

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jane's Carousel. Dumbo. Brooklyn. NY

This time of year can make any mama living in a NYC apartment go completely stir crazy or mad or both! We have a few favorite spots to get us out of our cold weather funk and Jane's Carousel is at the top of the list. Sitting pretty in Dumbo Brooklyn, Jane's Carousel has amazing views of the city but also keeps everyone warm and dry when raining or snowing in it's seasonal enclosed space. For only $2 a ticket ride and super nice employees's a parent's dream=) The history of the place is also pretty amazing ... read all about it HERE !

Just another wonderful reason to be a parent in Brooklyn=-)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Arnold House. New York

With the turn of the calendar to 2016, many people are trying to get their resolutions off the ground for the coming year.  In my case, January 2nd marks my birthday as well and with that comes a new age for me along with a new year.  It's not an ideal birthday as most friends and relatives have already gotten their fill of celebrations over Christmas and New Years Eve.  I've reached the age where spending quality time with my family has become extremely important and this year I decided to skip the big birthday bash to do just that.  We decided to pack up the Jeep and get away to somewhere peaceful and happy.  I love living in NYC but sometimes you just need to get away from all the noise and the grind!  We found the perfect place... The Arnold House in Livingston Manor, NY.  We booked the family suite which I called "the cabin" because it's not attached to the main building.  The separation gives it an apartment feel and provides the serenity of not having any neighbors... a rare feeling when you live in a city with a population as dense as New York.  Your family can be loud and run around like crazy inside and out.  We were thrilled with all the space and gorgeous land surrounding us.  The Arnold also has a restaurant on site and the food was amazing!!!  The owners and staff were even more amazing as they looked after all our needs and even sent us home with a box of cookies for the road.  Thanks for having us.  We can't wait to get back!!!

Click here to stay at THE ARNOLD HOUSE