Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sienna-Irene's First Birthday- A Wild One Carousel Party.

Sienna-Irene's First Birthday- A Wild One Carousel Party
    At Jane's Carousel in Dumbo Brooklyn

It's no secret that I love to throw a great party.  From planning out the details to making it come alive, I enjoy the many aspects of decorating, preparing delicious food, and bringing family and friends from many different circles together.  But Sienna's first birthday party was super special to me because as joyous as her first year was, it was also a tough one for me.  Not only was I dealing with the grief of my grandmother passing away before getting to meet my daughter but I was more than a tad overwhelmed by this two-kid lifestyle.  It took some time to get it down and work out a routine while my sweet baby girl waited patiently.  Along the way, we may have missed documenting a few milestones in the craziness and many days were spent making sure my son was coping with such a huge change.  In addition to not being the baby anymore, we had recently moved from friendly Hotlanta to freezing NYC.  One day during the cold of winter we decided we couldn't take it anymore and had to get outside. We were walking around Dumbo and all of a sudden it started to snow and rain like crazy!  We ran into the nearest open door and ended up inside Jane's Carousel.  We were the only ones there and the silence was as magical as the scenery was stunning. I looked down at Sienna's smile... it was as big and bright as the attraction in front of us and I could almost hear her thinking, "Everything is going to be OK, Mom."  And it was.  At that moment, I fell even more in love with her and the city we live in.  I booked the carousel for her party the very next day.   =-)

We set up the party inside the carousel and because it had been raining on and off that day, they had the glass down for us. As soon as everything was set up and people started arriving, the sun came out and shined down during the entire party!

For the drinks and food we served cucumber water, sweet tea, and a pink virgin punch ( We did bring Vodka for anyone who wanted to spike their punch=DUH;)) We also had Honest juice boxes for the kids... get these in bulk at Costco! My husband made Italian sandwiches and Ham and cheese and even spent hours tying bows and paper around them for me. He is amazing! I served up my pasta salad recipe that passed down to me from my Mamaw Nan... I bring it to every party. I can't get enough of it! We had individual carrots and ranch dressing to try and fit the horse theme;) What seemed to be our biggest hit was the mini chicken and waffles with maple syrup on the side. 

This party was a mix of family, long time friends and new mommy friends that I made this year. It was incredibly special to me to have everyone come together !!! =-)=-) Heart Full!

The kiddos got to ride over and over again on the carousel and as much as I thought they would tire of it, they all were sad during the last ride. For anyone thinking of doing a carousel party... Go for it!

For dessert ... the birthday cake was strawberry icing, yellow cake, and strawberry Jam in the middle topped with a little toy horse and copper topper.  The mini pies were apple caramel and topped with tiny copper horses. I bought the favor bags at Ikea and then decorated them with stamps and pom poms. Inside there were all of Sienna's favorites... sunglasses, goldfish, hair clips, bouncy balls, and star wands.

 Last but not least ... I had a jar out for everyone to fill with what they think Sienna will be when she grows up on a piece of paper. I plan to give her on her 18th birthday=-)  I can't wait too what amazing things she will grow up and do!!=)

Thanks to everyone that came to the party and celebrated with us!! We truly adore each and every one of you!!!


Sienna's Dress- TUTU DU MONDE // MY DRESS- Auguste the Label
Sienna's Crown- Love Crush Bowtique// Mini Pies- Pie Corps in Brooklyn
Favor Bags - bags from Ikea and stamps from Paper Source in Brooklyn
Signage done by Dimity in Byron Bay, AUS and myself (added tassels and flowers)

Let me know if there is anything else you want to know!! I would be happy to help!!!
 I should just be a party planner... I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! 

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